Does Marketing REALLY Matter in a Seller’s Market?

Cliff Rego
Published on February 17, 2017

Does Marketing REALLY Matter in a Seller’s Market?

As a homeowner who’s thinking of selling, you can’t help but notice that many homes are selling quickly and above asking price – it’s common knowledge at this point.

You may also be wondering: in a seller’s market, where buyers are hungry and supply is low, what do real estate agents really need to do to sell a home?

Fair question.

I’m not in a position to speak for other agents. I will, however, say this: when homes are selling fast and many buyers are searching online, it could be VERY tempting for a listing agent to reduce their marketing budget and let do the advertising work for free.

The reality: in many cases, this approach may be enough to sell a home (results may vary).

So, if that’s the case, why am I spending even more money to advertise your home in 2017?

Think of it like an auction.

If you’ve ever seen an auction – which today’s home selling process resembles in many instances – a room full of interested, qualified buyers tends to generate more buzz, offer social proof that the product being auctioned is desirable, and drive up the eventual selling price.

Conversely, a half-empty room tends to limit or prevent this phenomenon. 

Our goal is a packed house, standing room-only, line up outside; selling not just over the asking price, but for a neighbourhood record.

As I’ve said in previous articles, you as a seller have leverage in this market – we just want to maximize it for you.

So, while I’d love to save money on marketing, I can’t do it. Our financial investment in your listing continues to matter – perhaps more than ever before.

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