Our purpose is to create long-term client relationships through proficiency and real-time communication in all marketplaces alike. We will earn our clients’ trust by continuous improvement, integrity, teamwork, innovation and community involvement. We will continue to pursue new growth opportunities to improve our diversity in the industry while maintaining a socially responsible and ethical company image.


From my first sales position in the men’s fashion industry, my goal has always been to create long-term relationships built on exceptional service – a specialized, concierge approach that leaves no doubt in a client’s mind that I am the one they can trust to get great results.

I brought this same mentality, focus and service level to real estate when I obtained my license in 2003.

Today, as leader of the Cliff Rego Team & Rego Realty Inc., Brokerage, I take time and care to ensure that our team members share and live this mindset.

To me, this is why our team continues to exceed client expectations, obtain referrals from our clients, and remain the top team in Waterloo-Wellington.


The market doesn’t stand still – and neither do we.

In order to provide the best possible experience and generate exceptional results for our clients, we need to be experts in our trade: negotiation, neighbourhoods, new developments, market trends, financing alternatives – the list goes on.

This is why we, as a team, routinely train, connect with industry experts to expand our skills and expertise.


A collection of individuals, we are not.

From our sales representatives to our marketing department, our administrative team to our client services group – we work as a cohesive unit to ensure each and every client receives the attention they deserve and the high standard of service they were promised.

Our system, team of professional and fine-tuned processes gives you the best chance of success with your purchase and sale in any market conditions.


Integrity underscores everything we do, individually and as an organization; it’s what builds mutual respect among team members, industry partners, and our clients.

It’s not just about adhering to rules; it’s about working to create a win-win situation where people are put first.

While you may not be able to see it, our approach to business has built industry-wide trust in our brand, confidence in our team members and made us a desirable team to work with.


In a world where information and real-time communication are paramount, we continuously strive to find, develop and adopt technology and practices that enhance the buying and selling experience,

Our sellers benefit from our never ending drive to seek new and innovative ways to reach more homebuyers; our buyers benefit from advanced home search tools that simply the home buying process; and our employees benefit from industry-best technology and systems that increase efficiency.


We are fortunate enough to make our living by helping those in our community make the best possible move – and our community has been generous in their support of our team.

From local parades to international events, charitable causes such as Work for a Cure to sponsoring local sports team, we take pride in being actively involved in the events that support the well being of our community.


If there’s one thing that we’ve learned from serving thousands of clients, it’s that you cannot be a jack of all trades; one approach and skill set is not enough to adequately service the needs of vastly different clients and properties.

This is why we have four divisions, each with specialized personnel and approaches, to serve you better.